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Sunrise Medical

Sunrise Medical is a world leader in the development, design, manufacture and distribution of manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, motorized scooters and both standard and customized seating and positioning systems.  Scroll down to see the variety we have to offer. Click on the model you’d like to see on the Sunrise Medical web site. Or simply contact us.

Quickie Power Wheelchairs

Quickie Wheelchair
Zippie® Xperience 2™

Zippie® Xperience 2™

The Pediatric Zippie® Xperience 2 is the new addition to the Canadian Made power wheelchair family. This new mid-wheel drive product suggests a unique offering for a user sharing their time indoors and outdoors. The low seat to floor height and the short turning radius will facilitate day to day activities at home, at play and at work. The Zippie Xperience 2 will clear outdoor obstacles for a smooth and dependable ride.

Quickie® Xplore 2™

Quickie® Xplore 2™

The Quickie® Xplore 2™ is the most hybrid product available. This wheelchair offers the best of both worlds; the traction of a rear wheel drive and the short turning radius of a mid-wheel drive wheelchair. The fast speed of the Xplore 2™ makes it the ideal choice for someone spending a lot of time outdoors and who wants to go the distance. Safe and comfortable, the 6-wheel independent suspension is offered in Standard and Heavy duty. The wheelchair come standard with transport brackets. Seat options: tilt, manual and power recline, and elevating seat.

Quickie® XCEL 2™

Quickie® XCEL 2™

The mid-wheel Heavy Duty Quickie® XCEL 2™ features an Advance Geometric Design (A.G.D) which helps enhance the stability, mobility and freedom for the end user. Engineered without comprise the Excel 2™ offers a weight capacity of 550 lbs. a bariatric CG power tilt and a Bariatric power recline option, heavy duty elevating legrests or center mount for the best comfort.

Quickie Qxi ™

The Quickie® QXi™ is a durable, low-maintenance wheelchair frame that is perfect for the person looking for simplicity, longevity, and Quickie’s most popular options at the right price.

Durable Frame Design

The QXi’s utilitarian, 265 lbs. weight capacity frame is built to last. During its rigorous durability testing, the QXi frame emulated 20 years of reliable performance! Its one-piece side frames and three-arm crossbrace that locks inside the side frames reduce moving parts and give this folding wheelchair a more rigid ride quality.

Simple Serviceability

The QXi is remarkably easy to service. Many of its most common adjustments, including center of gravity, seat height, camber, and back height, can be made in less than one minute and using only one tool. The QXi’s low-maintenance design will have you back to what you love in no time.

Quickie 2 FamilyFolding Wheelchair

The ONE and only folding wheelchair

Versatile, modular, and available in an endless number of configurations, the Quickie® 2 has been the industry’s favorite ultra lightweight manual wheelchair for over 25 years.

Modular Frame Design

The versatility of the Quickie 2 is in its modular frame that adapts with you as your function, body, and environment change. Independent, interchangeable frame components accommodate changing conditions without having to replace the entire wheelchair. You’re always getting the best from your Quickie 2.

Endless Options

With more options for rear wheels, casters, armrests, hangers, and footrests, and more opportunities to customize frame angles and measurements, the Quickie 2 wheelchair is built to be an extension of you. Choose from the depth-adjustable or angle-adjustable backs, Quickie Xtender™ Power Assist wheels, or the new zero-maintenance 5-Spoke Mag wheels. A pound lighter per pair than the traditional 6-spoke mag, this option features a closed spoke design to prevent debris build-up and is available at no charge.

Quickie IRIS™

The superior standard for rotation-in-space wheelchair technology

The ultimate tilt-in-space wheelchair, the Quickie IRIS Manual Tilt Wheelchair features up to 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology, the broadest range of positioning and caregiver options, numerous adjustments, and it’s one of the lightest tilt-in-space wheelchairs available today.

40° or 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology
Intelligent Rotation in Space technology means the seat frame rotates around the user’s center of gravity. This results in a smooth tilting motion that is easy for you to control and allows for the shortest possible wheelbase that is easy for you to maneuver. The IRIS manual wheelchair features 40° or 55° rotation ranges that can be set to achieve up to 45° or 60° of posterior rotation for superior positioning.

Fortress 1700 DT/TA

Fortress 1700 DT/TA

Superior durability, reliability and comfort.

With the Fortress 1700 Series. Its exciting look is both elegant and solid and its new range of features sets the standard for luxury and value in a mid-sized scooter. The Fortress 1700 Series continues to offer a perfect balance of indoor maneuverability and outdoor performance and is now available in a choice of two drive systems. So whether it is a quick trip down the street or a busy day of places to go and people to see, the Fortress 1700 Series will get you there in comfort and style.

Fortress Winner

Fortress Winner

High Performance, Maximum Luxury & Comfort

the Fortress Winner comes with enhanced features and continues to set the standard for performance, comfort and style.

The Fortress Winner has a high performance drive system and an extra-large battery compartment (up to grip 27 batteries). Offers exception speed (15km/h) and performance for outdoor use.

Germino 20

Germino 20

Unique and stable design ensures that you can walk securely in all settings.

Extra soft brake operation and standard anatomical handgrips, Ensures easy braking even for those with reduced hand strength and arthritic conditions.  Quick adjust push handles and full range of useful accessories, allows for a completely personalized fit and accommodates individual requirements with accessories.  Folding design with one simple click to close/open features. Offers exceptionally easy folding and handling for storing and transporting the rollator.

Germain 30

Germain 30

Unique and stable design ensures that you can walk securely in all settings.

Fully adjustable forearm trough supports and extra soft brake operation provides added support, stability and offers easy braking for those with reduced hand function and arthritic conditions.  One step side folding design with simple click to close/open feature offers exceptionally easy folding and allows the collator to remain standing when folded. Handling and transporting is easy due to it’s lightweight, extra-slim design

Suitcase Singlefold GF(Graphite Fiber)

Lightest folding ramp in the industry!

The Suitcase Singlefold GF Ramp is made of glass reinforced graphite fiber and is the lightest folding ramp in the industry. The Suitcase Singlefold GF Ramp is fitted with ergonomically-designed handles and a non-protruding hinge that allows you to carry it anywhere. The ramp is available in 5 sizes and features an applied non-slip surface for excellent traction.


IBIS is able to offer precise comfort and positioning

The IBIS tilt-in-space manual wheelchair takes the term “multi-functional” and “multi-adjustable” to another level. Featuring a universal back frame which allows the ultimate in flexibility.

Unique tilt-in-space mechanism keeps users knees at a consistent level throughout the tilt range. User’s feet can contact the floor for foot propulsion. Good access to rear wheels for hand propulsion, overall improved independence.

Sedeo Pro seat system offers unsurpassed built-in adjustability and creates a “virtual one-size fits all wheelchair”. Ensures optimum user fit and comfort, and allows for changing user needs over time. Dealers can fit the wheelchair with exceptional ease and flexibility.

J3™ Back

The most versatile JAY back for all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles

The JAY® J3™ wheelchair back product line offers a multitude of width, height, and contour depth back shells to fit the back to the client. Each back is lightweight and adjustable, with numerous hardware choices allowing for easy installation.

NEW! CradleU Lateral and Whitmyer® Headrest Options

Designed for clients with postural or spinal deviations – including wider trunks and narrow hips, narrow trunks and wider hips, or curvatures – the NEW CradleU Lateral reshapes the existing contour of the off-the-shelf J3 back to match the client. The CradleU adjusts the contour by attaching directly to the J3 back shell beneath the foam, while the support plates adjust in angle to match the user’s torso. The CradleU’s intuitive design provides seamless support that minimizes interference with propulsion.

Also new to the J3 back are the Whitmyer Heads Up™ and Adjust-a-PLUSH headrest pads and LINX and ONYX headrest mounts!

Union™ Cushion

JAY Flow fluid and memory foam for high performance skin protection and positioning

The JAY® Union™ is a versatile, comfortable, skin protection and positioning wheelchair cushion composed of a dynamic fluid and foam layering system, moisture resistant inner cover, and an anti-microbial outer cover.

Contoured Foam Base with Lateral Pelvic Support

The Union’s foam base is moderately contoured to encourage proper positioning of the pelvis and thighs. Added 1″ lateral pelvic wedges offer superior lateral stability and alignment of the pelvis for more involved positioning needs.

Visco™ Memory Foam Top Layers

The Union features a top layer of soft, Visco memory foam, with an extra layer covering the Pelvic Loading Area. This combination creates the ultimate sitting surface that distributes weight for pressure reduction and maximum comfort.

Jay Fusion™ Cushion

Combining the J2’s skin protection capabilities with the J3’s maximum stability

The JAY® Fusion™ is an adjustable wheelchair cushion designed for skin protection that features JAY Flow™ Fluid or ROHO DRY FLOATATION® air insert options in a package that’s comfortable, stable and supportive.

Multi-Layered, Contoured Foam Base

The Fusion features a contoured foam based constructed from closed cell foam. This makes it easy to modify in our factory or in the field. Additional positioning is provided by the soft, contoured top layer. Its femoral transition and rear wall help prevent fluid migration while gently supporting the trochanters and posterior pelvis.