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We have a variety of manual wheelchairs which can be customized to your needs. They are adjustable, adaptable and very stylish.  Click on the models below to visit the Ottobock web site for full specifications. Or simply contact us.

Manual Wheelchairs

Ottobock Manual Wheelchair

Start M5 Comfort

The Start M5 Comfort is stylish and comfortable, without losing strength or durability. Combined with its adaptability, this wheelchair really fits to your needs.

Lightweight and versatile, the Start M5 Comfort won’t slow you down!

Ottobock Manual Wheelchair


The Motus is an adaptive wheelchair that can be customized to your unique preferences. Adjustable on the fly, the swing-away footrests and height-adjustable back allows for more comfortable seating. Optionally, you can get your Motus with compact, fixed front frame and single panel aluminum footrest.

Always on the go? The Motus can be folded quickly to make transport and storage simple, saving you time and energy.

Ottobock Manual Wheelchair

Voyage Envo

Designed to maximize independence, the Voyager Evo is a custom-made ultra-light weight rigid-frame wheelchair. The high-strength yet lightweight carbon fiber or titanium construction provides an agile easy ride with minimal effort.

Voyager Evo offers a vast array of options to precisely meet the varied needs of active users.

Leckey Series of Products

Ottobock Manual Wheelchair

Leckey Squiggles Stander

When your child is comfortably aligned and supported, standing becomes a positive part of therapy and a great way to be more involved in the world around them. The Leckey Squiggles Stander can be used in several ways: as a prone stander, a supine stander or an upright stander. In each position, the adjustable padding makes sure that comfort is key – and the rugged design means it will last and grow with your child.

The accessories and adjustable built into the Squiggles Stander make it ideal for children under 5 years of age.

Ottobock Manual Wheelchair

Leckey Freestander

The Freestander offers unique pelvic belt positioning to enable de-rotation of the hips, alignment of the pelvis and center of gravity, and can accommodate or correct hip or knee flexion. The Freestander’s robust design and easy adjustments make it a simple solution for multiple users in classroom or therapy home settings.

Ottobock Manual Wheelchair

Leckey Bath Chair

  • Extra-soft, breathable mesh material that is removable for machine washing
  • Comes in your choice of five bright colors
  • Available in four sizes to accommodate the youngest child through adolescence