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Veronica Coombs

Veronica Coombes is a young up-and-coming track athlete from Moncton, New Brunswick. She began her athletic career when she was only eleven, and now at the age of 17 she is certainly making a name for herself.

Coombes was born with spina bifida, but as her current coach Gabriel LeBlanc points out: “she never let her disability stop her”. Veronica was not involved in sports when she was younger, although she was a fan of horseback riding. But that all changed in 2009 when a parent of another track athlete informed her about a para track and field team that was to be formed in Moncton. Veronica was intrigued by such news and decided to investigate the opportunity.


Veronica Coombs
Coombes liked what she found in the track atmosphere, and has been involved ever since. She represented New Brunswick at the 2009 Canada Games , she was the youngest NB team member. The Games provided a great learning experience for her and certainly help to propel her into the competitive aspects of the sport.

Embracor Medical first heard about Veronica after the 2014 Canada Games where she earned 3 silver medals in a second hand chair that was not sized properly for her. Inspired by her determination and can do spirit Embracor Medical decided to sponsor her training and competing fully including sending her and her coach to England to have her own custom fitted world class Draft racing chair made for her. Since then we have continued to sponsor her, allowing her to train and compete throughout North America and Europe and she has become the heart of our company.

In 2015 she took home 3 silver medals in the World Junior Games held in the Netherlands and was named New Brunswick’s Para-Athlete of the year. We can’t wait to see what comes next for this amazing young lady.

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Para New Brunswick

Para NB – Sport & Recreation is a provincial program overseen by a management team consisting of Ability NB, Coach NB, Government of New Brunswick, Recreation NB and Sport NB. The Para NB – Sport & Recreation program involves working with persons with a physical disability, Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs), disability organizations, recreation organizations and facilities to build capacity and lead the development and coordination of a system that engages New Brunswickers with physical disabilities in para sport and recreation.



The origin of the Paralympic Games dates back to 1948 when Sir Ludwig Guttman staged the International Wheelchair Games to coincide with the 1948 London Olympic Games. The event gradually grew, encompassing other sports and other disability groups, and now the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games are the ultimate international competitions for world class athletes with a disability. The Paralympic Games are governed internationally by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Para New Bruswick

Wheelchair Sports New Brunswick

The WSNB is committed to ensuring opportunities for persons with a physical disability to participate in sport and recreational activities by organizing and participating in competitive and recreational sport events for persons using wheelchairs as part of their equipment, promoting inclusion of persons with physical disabilities in regular competitive sport and recreational activities; and providing training for coaches, officials, volunteers and athletes for the skills necessary to enable persons with disabilities to participate effectively at their optimum desired level in competitive sport and recreational activities.